Opportunities for Foreign Students

We have received 582 foreign medical students from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Latin America. Students who join our program have the opportunity to experience a variety of clinical settings and healthcare problems in a developing nation. Currently, the following rotations are available:

Mobile Surgery

In this rotation, students join the surgical team of the Mobile Surgical Unit during the pre-operative evaluation of patients, participate as assistants during surgical procedures, are actively involved in monitoring patients during the early post-operative recovery and discharge, and participate in postoperative follow-up visits. This is an excellent opportunity to have hands-on education in the surgical field as well as a unique human experience to interact with patients and their families who have been offered this healthcare service in their own environment, close to their homes. The short weekly trips from Cuenca to neighboring towns and longer monthly trips (approximately 4 days) to other provinces allow students to visit rural Ecuador.


Students can rotate through different specialties in local hospitals where, in addition to having a first hand experience in Ecuadorian pathology, they can also interact with local students, residents and health care professionals.

Health Centers

Students can also rotate in small health centers and attend clinics in suburban and rural areas. We believe this is a good opportunity to obtain experience in primary care while at the same time encountering the native culture and language.

Integral Healthcare Programs

This is a unique opportunity for students to become part of healthcare teams and participate in a variety of activities that transcend beyond the traditional healthcare scope as described above.


Students pay a tuition of $190 US per week. This money is used to purchase medicines and surgical supplies. We recommend a rotation of four to eight weeks, and appreciate any donation of materials such as sutures, surgical mesh, caps, masks, etc.

Living in Cuenca

Students may choose to stay with an Ecuadorian family where they will have room, meals and laundry for $15 a day. This is a good opportunity to practice Spanish and experience Ecuadorian family life. Students who prefer to be on their own can stay at a hotel. There are several economic hotels, safe and clean for about $10 a day.

The Teaching Program

1 – Students and residents will experiment the principles and practice of Humanitarian Medicine
2 – Students and residents will experiment the relation Physician- patient with emphasis in his-her relation with the family and the community
3 – During the rotation in rural health centers and hospitals students and residents will see the most common pathology of our community
4 – During the rotation in the Mobile Surgical Unit, students and residents will see the most common surgical pathology
5 – Students and residents will have experience in preoperative preparation, post-operative care and prevention and management of surgical complications
6 – Students and residents will have experience in operating room behavior and will assist in surgical procedures
7- Students will have opportunity to know the diversity of Ecuadorian cultures and travel in the Country.

Side Trips

In addition to the medical rotations we suggest students to take advantage of Ecuador’s multicultural environment and extraordinary biodiversity. Several ethnic groups coexist in our country, and some Inca and Pre-Inca archaeological sites can be visited. The Andean slopes with scenic snow-capped volcanoes, the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, the exotic Amazon jungle, and the unique Galapagos Islands make Ecuador a wonderful country to be explored.

Turist Places
Travel Ecuador 

How to Apply

In order to apply please send the following information (in one email) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. A letter indicating your reasons to come to the program and dates
  2. Your Curriculum Vitae
  3. A recommendation letter from one of your professors.
  4. Please let us know if you want a home stay.
  5. University
  6. Level of study

Tuition may be paid upon arrival.

Send an email. All fields with an * are required.

Other information

Other information:

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