River Health Project

on 20 November, 2012

The province of Morona Santiago is perhaps the most remote and isolated of Ecuador. The roads serving the province have been improved substantially, but access from the southern Andes leaves much to be desired

 The area east of the “Cutucú Cordillera” practically lacks roads, and the only means to access the rural communities is by small aircrafts that utilize clearings in the jungle as rudimentary runways. Moreover, the only way of communication between these communities is by river.

Isolation is only one of the aspects of underdevelopment in this area. Overall healthcare is precarious. There are serious problems of malnutrition, parasitism, tuberculosis, malaria, and other diseases.

For these reasons we believed it was necessary to organize a healthcare system in a fluvial unit and integrate it with the fixed healthcare posts to deal with the current health problems, and additionally provide a human development program created in conjunction with the inhabitants of the region to address their needs.


  1. To provide Primary Care in the basin of the Morona River and its effluents, Kangaime, Macuma and Wichimi.
  2. To perform intermittent surgical brigades.
  3. To conduct a study of the main healthcare problems of the region.
  4. To determine an adequate model for development of the region with the joint participation of local inhabitants and a multidisciplinary team.

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