STHEPHEN HORRAS - University of Arizona

My experience in Ecuador with Cinterandes was invaluable. The mobile surgical trip was an obvious highlight, and it was easy to see how much of an immediate impact Cinterandes was making in the lives of people who otherwise would have had to wait an unknown period of time before they could be considered for surgery.

My time working and talking with Dra. Vicuña and the familly health program was quite enlightening. Cinterandes' secondary focus of promoting primary health care through family health with medical students at the University of Azuay is avantgarde and should be duplicated by other schools in Ecuador to truly try to achieve a goal of the Plan Nacional de Buen Vivir of promoting primary care and prevention. Also very moving was the international health conference I attended at the University of Azuay. A surgeon from George Washington, who has been active and selfless in his work around the world, was able to elucidate Cinterandes' profound current and potential impact on surgical care in resource-poor areas ravaged by war and other rural areas worldwide. Cinterandes' mobile surgical model has the potential to be implemented in rural communities in the U.S. as well as under-treated regions worldwide. My time with Cinterandes, I would say, was very well spent!


Stephen Horras (University of Arizona)

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